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Kalawen Latest Bottle Cutter DIY Tool for Bottle Neck & Round Bottle with Glass Cutter, Stainless Steel Cutting Machine Set for Wine, Beer, Liquor, Whiskey, Alcohol, Champagne, Soda Round Bottles
  • 🏆2020 Lastest Upgrad Design for Bottle Neck &Round Bottle: This glass bottle cutter is designed for cutting round bottles and bottle neck, The length of the cutting blade to the support plate can be adjusted 2.8"-15.7", suitable for cutting glass bottle body with diameter 1.6"-4".New bottle holder design designed for cutting bottleneck,5 specially designed support wheels can stabilize the bottle better. Also comes with a glass cutter to cut the glass.
  • 🏆Wide Application: The glass bottle cutter suitable with most bottles. Compared to most of the other bottle cutter machine which can only cut round bottles, this one is also suitable for Suitable with most beer/wine/round/square/oval glass bottles, Cut Bottle from Neck to Bottom and oval glass bottles and jar, such as Vodka, Whisky, Martell, Hennessy, Brandy and so on, Perfect for making candle holders and goblets, wind chimes, lamps shade, flower vases and so many DIY arts.
  • 🏆DIY Creativity & Environmental Protection: With glass bottle cutter you can create easily creative decorations, such as vases, candle holders, aroma lampshade etc. This will enhance your creative thinking and artistic sense. While decorating your unique and beautiful life, it also contributes to environmental protection, rather than discarding bottles directly.
  • 🏆Beginner Friendly Easy to Use: The wheel same material as the wear-resistant elastic wheel on the aircraft door. Ensuring toughness while maintaining elasticity and fixing force. Make the cutting deeper and not hurt the bottle. The panel material is 1.4mm thick galvanized steel (8 Mohs hardness). providing a more stable support for glass cutting. not bend or shake when you press the bottle against it.
  • 🏆Size Adjustments & be Aware: The confirmation of the location is a very important step in the success of your cut. Before cutting Cleaning the bottle and please put the bottle on the board to confirm the position. Attention! (Be sure to adjust the position of the cutter head. only need Tip of the cutter headTightly attached to the surface of the glass bottle)The screw holes on the board surface are open-type rail screw holes.The position of all accessories can be adjusted as desired.
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